Thursday, May 06, 2010

Adoption Update: We're Having a Silent Auction

We received some pretty positive with our adoption. As we have sensed from God that all roads were pointing us to a specific country, we were hearing from our organization that the pilot program to that country is in limbo*.
We got an email letting us know that they are moving forward in that country. They are seeking to complete the adoptions with those families who have already been matched with a child. If all goes smoothly we will move forward. This makes the timetable seem to put us into 2011 before we bring our son/daughter home (we were thinking/hoping it would maybe be Fall 2010). We continue to wait on God and trust His timing as we continue to petition him with two prayers.
  1. Lead us to the son/daughter that he has for us.
  2. Lead us to a child that through joining our family, he/she will be rescued from a life of hell.

In a continued effort to cover the costs of an international adoption, we are having a Silent Auction. It will be run on Janelle's blog May 15-19, 2010. Janelle has posted how the auction is going to work as well as begun posting some of the items that will be auctioned. There will be a variety of items including.
  • Original photography from Africa by Janelle.
  • Original artwork from Katylynn Prenkert.
  • Various crafts from Africa.
  • Two brand new Ipod Touches (auctioned separately).
  • (Barely Used) Wii Fit Plus game and exercise pad.
  • Brand New Nike Backpack and Bag.
  • Gina Alexander custom purse.
  • Toys donated from Katylynn Prenkert.
  • Computer Software.
  • DVDs.
  • And several other items.
Consider joining us in this journey by bidding on items as well as spreading the word to others!

*Apologies on speaking so cryptically concerning the actual location of our adoption. We are not publicly identifying which country until things are a little more certain.

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