Monday, May 10, 2010

Sir Links-a-lot

  • Janelle continues to post items that will be a part of the Silent Auction for our adoption that starts May 15. Check out her blog.
  • Adam shaved his dreads and beard. I'm disappointed. Photo before and after.
  • Caleb shares some video of one of the most profound moments in my Africa experience here.
  • My Nephew Calvin continues to share some great tips for your life here.
  • Austin Hostetter kicks your butt in his own "It Just Got Personal" rant and video here.
  • Walt Mueller has a fantastic rant over the Lawrence Taylor Sex Scandal and drops some knowledge concerning trafficking here.


Adam Cramer said...

In case you didn't hear yet, there's no need to be disappointed anymore...the dreads and beard live on! Although now you might be disappointed that I'm so darn deceitful!

derryprenkert said...

Not cool... A.C.
But at the same time... very cool. Don't do it! Keep the hair.