Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back from ChicaGO

Some thoughts:
  • Empathy, Compassion, Serving... I saw these concepts grasped and put into action. I believe they will be put into action at home as well.
  • There is something amazing that unleashes inside us when we are willing to take that one step past what's comfortable.
  • Any time I see siblings embrace or pray with each other on trips like this, I just lose it.
  • Add a new one to what will make me lose it; when a mom and son embrace or pray together on a trip like this.
  • God speaks. Awesome things happen when we obey.
  • There will be approximately 150 individuals who will be receiving a letter from a GO member. These letters are an effort to share the love of God with some spiritually lost or struggling friends and family members. There will be follow up to come upon returning home.
  • There is a fantastic crew of 9 adult leaders investing, challenging, and encouraging students along the way.
We (Janelle, Katylynn, and I) head back to Chicago tomorrow to Katylynn's first Cubs game! We will reconnect with the GO team at the game. God's doing some great things in ChicaGO, and I think greater things are yet to come.

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