Monday, June 14, 2010

GO Reflections

I arrived in Chicago to spend do some morning training sessions with our ChicaGO team. The setup of our GO trip is something I really love.

Mornings are spent in Time Alone With God and training.
Afternoons are spent out on the streets in ministry.
Evenings are spent in debriefing.

The bottom line goal is for students to come home with a burden to share their faith with their peers. There are 43 High School students here who I really view (there's only a handful missing... most of them are in Haiti) as the leadership to our Youth Group next year.

My prayers for what God will do in the team are pretty simple.
  • They would die to self.
  • They would be burdened for others.
  • A Heart of Empathy and Compassion.
  • Break their hearts for what breaks God's Heart.
We are staying at the Philadelphia Church in Andersonville. It just so happened that there was a weekend festival happening right outside the church when our team arrived. 4 city blocks had been sectioned off. The bands were rocking. The beer was flowing. To add to the experience for our students, there was a large amount of those present at the festival were homosexuals.

The reality of a lost and dying world was right outside our door. What I love is that we walked outside the doors and into the that world. It was intentional. Praying, listening, watching, and asking God to guide our steps.
Some students got into significant conversations.
Some students found themselves speechless and only at a spot where they could pray.
Many were broken.

I'm excited with what I see God stirring in students. He is present and working!

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Sandi said...

So awesome to see kids not living a sheltered life but a REAL life where reality for millions exists. This is real love. This is "Jesus" with skin on it, in today's culture. It starts in Chicago, then it moves to Hollywood, San Fran, Vegas and even darker places. These kids are starting a revolution... so blessed to see it take place! I LOVE THIS so much! GO GOD GO!