Friday, July 09, 2010

The 4-Fold Purpose


1. GET AWAY: There's something valuable about retreating from it all. We're taking 5 days to unplug, hit the pause button and solely focus in on God.

2. CONNECT WITH EACH OTHER: 210 of us all together for 5 days. As a larger youth group it is so valuable to get to know new people around you. We're very intentional about challenging the students to form new friendships.

3. CONNECT WITH GOD: Wherever a student currently is, we want to see them take that next step forward in their relationship with Christ. We do this through Time Alone With God, worship time, teaching and experiential learning. The beauty is that this can happen at very random times as well... Late night dorm or cabin talks, meal times, even at Cedar Point.

4. HAVE A TON OF FUN! We want to laugh so hard that at least one person pees their pants. We want to scream, hoop and hollar so much that 50% od the group lose their voice. We want to create great, long lasting memories!

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