Friday, July 09, 2010

Friday's Schedule

What's on tab for Friday of Camp?

*CHECK IN AND ORIENTATION: Camp starts right away as our theme DIFFERENT comes into play. 4 different types of shirts. Who knows which one a student will get. Every student adds "bling" to their nametag to make each one different. Students will get their cabin group assigments as well as receive coaching on how to make the most of camp.

*BUS RIDE: the bus ride is actually one of the hilighhts of camp for many! students play games, ask questions of each other and begin the process of getting to know each other.

*ARRIVE AND SETTLE IN: Everyone gets to know their new home for the week. Cabins for the girls and dorms for the guys.

*OPENING CELEBRATION: We set the table for the week with some Time Alone With God, worship and message.

*CABIN GROUPS: Everyone is in a group w/ a leader. We close out each night with times of debriefing and sharing what God is teaching them.

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