Tuesday, August 24, 2010

5 Katylynnisms I'm loving

  1. "I'm throwing blueberries at you." One day she decided to throw imaginary blueberries our way, which we then catch in our mouths. It's good for a few minutes of entertainment every day.
  2. "I'm struggling a little bit." She's become quite the little daredevil on the playground or on our furniture at home. This little quote comes out when she finds herself in a precarious position that will require assistance.
  3. "Hewwwooo." Said to strangers passing by. Everybody is her friend.
  4. "That's ridiculous." Only said once... it was last night as we drove home from Wakarusa. She was opening up cd's I had gift-wrapped in the back seat. She opened two, and as she looked around she said, "There's no more. That's ridiculous!"
  5. "I love you bery, bery much." Said randomly is when this is best. I'm pretty sure she picked this up from a collection of books she received from our youth staff at the time of my dad's death. On the inside cover of each book is a sticker with the picture of her Granpda reading to her. It says, "In memory of Grandpa Kip, who loved you so much."

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