Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dancing in the Family Room

I knew being a dad would be awesome, I just had no idea how awesome it would be. There are two beautiful ladies who are the loves of my life... one I call wife, and one I call daughter.

About a month ago, we popped on some "Daddy music" (as Katylynn calls it) to see if she wanted to dance. I decided to start with David Crowder Oh Happiness. She screamed "NO NO NO NO NO! ANOTHER ONE!" So, I then flipped through my I pod and thought, "Maybe she'll like this?"

The next thing through the speakers were a horn section, and my little girl smiled big. Janelle and I were launched back to our dating days when we would skank (see the link if you're nervous). Katylynn absolutely loves Five Iron Frenzy. We have spent a lot of evenings in the Family room dancing away. Her favorite song is also one of my all-time favorites. I love the message in the song, and I love the picture of Janelle, Katylynn and I dancing together to Dandelions.

Music and lyrics by Five Iron Frenzy

In a field of yellow flowers,

underneath the sun,
bluest eyes that spark with lightning,
boy with shoes undone.
He is young, so full of hope,
reveling in tiny dreams,
filling up, his arms with flowers,
right for giving any queen.

Running to her beaming bright,
while cradling his prize.
A flickering of yellow light,
within his mother's eyes.
She holds them to her heart,
keeping them where they'll be safe,
clasped within her very marrow,
dandelions in a vase.

She sees love, where anyone else would see weeds.
all hope is found.
Here is everything he needs.

Fathomless your endless mercy,
weight I could not lift.
Where do I fit in this puzzle,
what good are these gifts?
Not a martyr, or a saint,
scarcely can I struggle through.
All that I have ever wanted,
was to give my best to you.

Lord, search my heart,
create in me something clean.
you see flowers in these weeds.

Gently lifting hands to heaven,
softened by the sweetest hush,
a Father sings over his children,
loving them so very much.
More than words could warrant,
deeper than the darkest blue,
more than sacrifice could merit,
Lord, I give my heart to yo

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