Friday, August 27, 2010

School Lunches are Tough

Geoff Cocanower has been on a journey with us at NMC we are unofficially calling a "Transition 2 Ministry." He was an intern with our Junior High his Senior year at Bethel College and graduated in '09. We've kept him on in for the "T2M" as a 2 year process, investing in him and allowing him to get acclimated to life in full time ministry while benefiting greatly from his investment in our Senior High Ministry. For all practical purposes, he is running our Senior High Ministry this school year. He is a fantastic Youth Pastor now, and is going to make a church very happy as their Youth Pastor somewhere next year!

In his recent blog post I Almost Chickened Out, I greatly appreciated his candor in the reality that is approaching students on "their turf". If your a youth minister, read and know your not alone in those anxieties. If you are a parent, read and be grateful there are those out there willing to swallow pride and take risks to show your students' Christ's love. Go here and read.

Now, since I bragged on Geoff, I'll do my part to keep him humble. My daughter believes Geoff bears a striking resemblance to a certain Playhouse Disney character. This is why, to Katylynn, Geoff is known as "Special Agent Oso." What do you think?

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Shelley said...

So what exactly is it that you do now that Geoff is running senior high? Add that to your list of annoying statements/questions.