Monday, August 16, 2010

So Long Summer: Reflections and Exhaustion

In a lot of ways, this is the day a majority of the people in the NMC circle will take their last breaths of Summer Vacation. Although some have already started, many of the schools kick in to the 2010-11 year tomorrow. As I reflect on this Summer for NMC Student Ministries, it has been jam-packed:
  • 5 fantastic SOAR interns who dove into the ministry & our students, and were dove into by our students.
  • Seeing off a great Class of 2010 through a barrage of Open Houses and other celebrations.
  • 50+ students and leaders whose hearts and minds were transformed for the lost through our ChicaGO trip.
  • 16 students and leaders who stepped into action overseas as a part of our IMPACT Haiti team.
  • I filled out more recommendations for longer term missions trips (6 months to 1 year) and Christian Colleges (for individuals going into missions and ministry majors) than any other Summer.
  • 3 fantastic camps where God challenged us to think, act, and live DIFFERENT.
  • Multiple stories of students taking advantage of their "relaxed" summers to dive into spiritual conversations with friends, family, and strangers... & significant fruit from those conversations.
  • A load of PT, JH, and SH students making the decision to follow God through the act of baptism (this coming Sunday).
It's been an awesome Summer of ministry at NMC Student Ministries. Personally, I've been invested in the majority of these events/activities, and I have been grateful to see God in action. Add in Chris Lehane and my journey to take part in the Missionary Church's Central District Youth Conference, a significant transition in Jason Thompson's move from Youth to Adult Ministry, and the many other trappings of day to day ministry, and I'd be less than honest if I didn't mention that this has been a physically and emotionally exhausting Summer.

As many take their last steps of Summer, I find myself on the eve of what, in a lot of ways, feels like my first Summer Break. Tuesday afternoon, Janelle, Katylynn and I head up to Ludington, Michigan for several days of uninterrupted and focused nothingness... I mean nothing but the three of us, the sun, the lake, and an awesome Creator God. It's been a great Summer. God has great things in store, but I'm very excited for a last big breath before kicking into the Fall.

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