Monday, August 16, 2010

To Save A Life: Fall Kickoff

We're really excited about this Fall's Junior and Senior High Kickoff. Last Fall, our Student Ministries Staff sat in the Fieldhouse and watched a film that had been written by a Youth Pastor. It was going to be released in theaters in January. We were all blown away at the quality of the film, and more importantly by the powerful message to teens, both Christian and non-Christian. Unfortunately the film never received wide-spread release, but after theatrical release, we were given the opportunity to legally show the film in a church setting. The film has a significant theme that, I believe may have similar implications to us that our "Kids In Need" initiative had.

On Wednesday, August 25, we will be showing the full PG-13 release to our High School students in the Fieldhouse and an edited "Church-Friendly" version to our Junior High Students in the Connection Gym.

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Aaron Zehr said...


We are going to show this movie at an outreach night in October. You may already be planning to blog about how it goes for you guys. If not, would you be able to send any thoughts or suggestions my way?