Monday, September 13, 2010

Dear Stoic Dad,

I ran into you a couple weeks ago. I was taking my daughter to the splash pad (you know, that thing that concrete area that has a bunch of contraptions spraying water). There were only 4 of us there... you, your daughter, my daughter, me. I would think you might remember me, but I'm not sure you would.

See, you were sitting back about 40 feet from the pad, looking as though you were enduring the pain of the moment. I mean, it may have been painful to you, or it may have been joyful. I really wasn't sure.

Your daughter wasn't in pain though. She was in heaven... giggling as she ran through the sprayers and the buckets of water dumped on her. She was loving it most of the time. There were those 5-6 times she paused to look over at you, though. The emotion in her eyes was clear in that moment too... hope and anticipation. Her eyes were clearly saying, "Is my daddy watching me? Does he care?"

Here's the thing stoic dad, I had no idea from your composure, expression, and engagement of the moment if you did or didn't care. Thus, I'm fairly certain your 4 year old little girl didn't have a clue either.

So, what's the point to my letter? I just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for pushing me past my own insecurities in that moment. Thanks for reminding me what this pasty 33 year old dad is not going to let happen. Thanks for giving me the extra desire to rip my shirt off and run through the sprayers with my little girl. Thanks for setting a tone for a great afternoon with my daughter through not following your example.

Stoic dad, I guess what I'm saying is that when I grow up, I want to be nothing like you.

A Dad trying to show his daughter a Father's love

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Anonymous said...

Man - I hope I'm not him. Sometimes "stoic dad" sneaks out in the seriousness of life and the overwhelming moments that you get consumed with the thoughts that you can't fix everything (just hoping that you don't screw them up some how).