Sunday, September 05, 2010

One More Sunday

Here's some of my predictions for this year concerning players:

My heart says Peyton Manning due to my man crush on him. I would put him as leading contender just for sheer odds.
Everyone is so high on Aaron Rodgers this year. I put him in second.
My dark horse is going to Matt Schaub.

Rushing Leader:
Chris Johnson eclipsed 2k last year, but I don't see him doing it again this year.
I think Adrian Peterson is going to carry the yardage load of the offense for the Vikings this year as Brett Favre will struggle with the injury bug and miss his 1st game ever.
On the TD front, I think Frank Gore goes crazy on TDs this year in a tight race with Ryan Matthews.

Comeback Player:
Carson Palmer is poised for a great season. I say 25+ TDs and 4,000 yards.
Also, Derek Anderson is going to turn a few heads. Look for 3,000 and 20 TDs.

Rookie Impact:
It's going to be a battle for Ryan Matthews and C.J. Spiller on the headlines and newstalk, but Ndahmukong Suh will be the true rookie of the year.

Breakout Player:
Jermichael Finley (TE for Green Bay) and Jacoby Jones (WR from Houston) will be the ones that turn heads this.

That's my guesses for now...

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Shelley said...

Are you a mind reader? Wow, your picks & commentary are just what I have been thinking all year. I helped my sister with her fantasy football draft & even gave her some of the same advice. Of course, she was unable to pick everyone she wanted, but she got some good sleepers. Oh, and it's Ndamukong, but that's okay that you misspelled his name. The whole world will not only know how to spell it, but say it soon enough. I am so excited to see what he will do, even in Detroit.