Monday, September 06, 2010

Some More Season Thoughts

Continuing on from last post... Some further predictions:

Everyone is very high on Andre Johnson, and it's hard not to be... quality QB and great stats that are building every year. Although he's going to hold his own, my predictions for a breakout from Jacoby Jones has me thinking he'll take some looks from Johnson. So, here's my thoughts:

Most receiving yards: Roddy White, Calvin Johnson, and Andre Johnson (in that order)
Most Receiving TDS: A tie between Randy Moss and Reggie Wayne (I say 12).
Most Receptions: Wes Welker and Larry Fitzgerald.
Best Receiving Tandem: Johnson/Jones (HOU) and Johnson/Owens (CIN) as a dark horse.

DEFENSE: I don't follow Defensive stats or individual Defensive players too much. But, here's my picks for top 3 Defenses (as far as points allowed and takeaways).
  1. Pittsburgh - Everyone wants to go with the Jets, but there's this guy named Troy Palamalu who is back and healthy, and he makes that big of difference.
  2. San Francisco - If Mike Singletary is your coach, you're set.
  3. NY Jets - They're really good. The Revis holdout means slow start to me.

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Shelley said...

I think you are right on with the Steelers defense. Having Troy back will be huge. Also, their starting quarterback is out for the first 4 games, their 2nd string QB is injured, they will be starting their 3rd string QB, then they have to deal with the challenge of the offense clicking once Big Ben returns. All that means the defense is going to be winning games for this team the first half of the season.

Sorry I keep commenting on your football posts. I just love football!