Friday, October 15, 2010

D.R.C. Revisited

Watching this video took me back to 4 days in April that have forever changed my life. 
Rape as a weapon. I saw this first hand while in the D.R.C. I heard the stories of multiple women in multiple settings who were living similar stories to the video. 
It is heartbreaking.
It is wrong.
It is necessary that the people of God speak up for these who are not being heard. 
What can be done? 
Here's a few thoughts.
  1. Pray.  Pray for those victims of rape who are hurting.  Pray that the Almighty God would wrap his arms of love and healing around each and every woman of the Congo who has been ravaged.
  2. Conflict-free phones.  Ask your cell phone provider if the minerals used to make your phone's computer chip are conflict-free.  If they tell you they do not know, ask them what they are doing to ensure that their cell phones are not continuing the savage rape and murder of millions (yes millions) in the D.R.C.
    *to take it a step further, consider not purchasing a cell phone unless it is guaranteed to be free of conflict-minerals.
  3. Support the Congo Project.  While Caleb Bislow and I were in Goma, we met two amazing women who were provided hope and healing to rape victims.  Caleb returned with a burden to see the Jehovah Jireh get a new location for their ministry.   With Jason and Rachael Thompson's leadership as well as the generosity of multiple supporters, the money was raised and the building purchased!  There is still potential or improvements on the building and furnishing the inside.  Check out the project's Facebook Fan page for more info on this.

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