Saturday, October 16, 2010

What Gets Me Fired Up #7 - Smurf Turf

I've never been a big fan of college football.  I blame it on growing up in the shadow of the Golden Dome.  I just never got into the Fighting Irish (even when they were good).  I'm not a hater.  Just not a fan.
Over the past 10 years, I have become a die-hard Colts fan and avid NFL follower.  Really, in all honest the Indianapolis Colts are what gets me fired up.

But. this year I have decided to give College Football a try.  I figure to really get into it I need a team.  In 2007, I watched the Fiesta Bowl (I seriously watch that little) and it was quite possibly the best football game I've ever seen.  Boise State shocked Oklahoma in overtime.  Well, Boise State is no longer a team that schocks.  They will likely be the #1 team in BCS rankings when they are released next week.  

I've decided Boise State is my team.  This is for multiple reasons...
  • Nobody in this area is a big fan, so I get to always be the Bronco apologist in discussions.
  • They are a contraversial team in that they play in such a weak conference.  Makes it quite enjoyable when talking to SEC, BIG 10, or BIG 12 fans (Nebraska is losing as I write this, by the way).
  • They have a blue field.  I mean, come on!
  • I actually enjoy their style of Football.
To say the Boise State Football gets me fired up at the same level as previous posts would be out of line, but it is quite enjoyable being that annoying guy that incessantly tweets and comments about his team, which gets others pretty fired up.

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Geoff Cocanower said...

I will not be surprised if Oregon gets the nod for BCS #1. It's all about money. it all generates more if it takes BSU the rest of the season to get there. In other news, even at 3-2, the Boilers are still atop the Big Ten!