Monday, October 11, 2010

What Gets Me Fired Up: #2 - The Bizman

I'm in Detroit for 2 days with my good friend and parnter in ministry Caleb Bislow.  Caleb is an itinerant speaker and runs a ministry called "Unusual Soldiers."  The best way to explain the heart of Unusual Soldiers is that they run with the love of Christ toward the people, places and situations that many Christians run from.
You've heard the saying, "When a door closes, God opens a window."  Caleb tends to believe, "When a door closes, God may be asking you to kick it in and go through it."

Caleb challenges me.  I believe I have been able to play the Barnabas to his Paul role in the great commission in multiple ways.  When I find myself getting comfortable and stagnant in my faith, I find a couple days with Caleb to be a good remedy.

It's not the man that gets me fired up.  The fire inside the man is what gets me fired up!

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