Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What Gets Me Fired Up #4 - Stories

Last Wednesday Night we did something a little different that we are going to do about every quarter in our Senior High Ministry.  It was called Stories and Songs.  We ran 9th/10th Small Groups a little longer and spent a little focused time with the 11th/12th Grade in the Fieldhouse.  Once everyone was together, we removed the message element and had 3 different students share their stories (or, I guess the churchy word would be their testimonies).  What took place was a powerful time of bringing glory to God through music and lives.

There's power in story. 
Tell me a principle and I will kind of track with you. 
Tell me a story about a person who lived out a principle and you will inspire me. 
Tell me I can overcome a trial or situation and I'll be encouraged. 
Tell me the story of one who has overcome in a similar situation and I'll believe it can happen.
There's power in story, and that is what gets me fired up!

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