Tuesday, November 30, 2010

10 Random Thoughts:

  1. I really like putting a warm pair of socks on when it is cold outside.  At the same time, I hate going to sleep with socks on.
  2. I've been consistently watching Conan on TBS.  I was expecting a little more "outside of the box" actions to change up late night.  Still, Conan's delivery and humor crack me up.
  3. I'd be okay if Winter Formals and Prom became a thing of the past by the time my daughter is in High School.
  4. I'm baffled by how quickly we want to lament on how busy we are, when in reality the majority of our busyness comes down to our own choice to be busy.
  5. Hearing Katylynn try to say "ornament" is a hoot... it usually comes out "Ormanent".
  6. I would really like to be putting my son in bed tonight.  Instead, tonight it will be midday where he is, and he has no idea who I am.
  7. I wonder how you would fill in this blank today? God is ____________.
  8. Following Jesus is the best decision I ever made.
  9. Marrying Janelle was the next best decision I ever made.
  10. I'm excited to start up the 60 Days of Beauty Project tomorrow.  It's been fun doing practice runs over the past 4 days trying to decide, if I were to post a thing of beauty from the day, what it would be.  There have been some that make me laugh, some that move me, and some that just make me stop and think.  Tomorrow will be the first post, and it will be the moment of beauty I encountered today.

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Anonymous said...

God is faithful even when I am not