Wednesday, December 01, 2010

60 Days of Beauty Project: Day 1 - Light It Up

I'm not particularly a huge fan of Christmas  lights.  I'm not a hater, but not a huge fan.  I do have some strong feelings against those who go overboard though (read my rules on Christmas lights here, if interested.).  Last night I made a run to the Redbox with Katylynn.  As we drove, Katylynn began to point out every house that had Christmas lights. The interaction basically went like this:

Katylnn: Oh, there's another one Daddy.  We almost drove past it.
Daddy:  Ya, I see it honey.  We're JUST driving past it.
(brief commentary, we're working on choosing the right adverbs).
KL: "I like it.  I think it's Boootiful!"

This little action was honestly repeated 8-10 times in our 1 mile drive to the Martin's Red Box.
One of the houses we passed had went a little overboard.  Blue was the color of choice, but there was plenty of yellow, red, purple, orange, and green mixed in.  I'm guessing this house will, at the very least, double their electric bill.  As we were coming up to it, Katylynn's excitement stepped up a notch.  Here's how our interaction went for the super-gawdy house.

KL:  Oh, Daddy.  Look at that one!  It's very, very boootiful!
Daddy:  (in a sarcastic tone) You know kid, I think we're going to need to work on your definition of beautiful...

You ever say something only to realize you shouldn't have said it, but in saying it you realize you are speaking God's words to you?  (that statement is a little confusing, so read it again if you have to)

How dare I try to quench my daughter's joy in that moment?  Why did I feel the need to quench her enjoyment of those Christmas lights.  Secondly, who's to say I've got the corner on the definition of beautiful?

It was a fairly ugly moment for me, to be honest.  But it was also a beautiful moment of the Lord setting a tone for me on why I think he wants me to take this 60 day journey to discover something beautiful every day.  I think he's looking down on me and saying,

"You know kid, I think we're going to need to work on your definition of beautiful."

God, teach me to find beauty.  Teach me through others.  Teach me through your creation.  Teach me to embrace beauty, share beauty, and take part in restoring beauty where it needs to be restored.

As a final note, the rest of my ride to and back from the Red Box changed drastically.  We both engaged in looking for the Christmas lights... pointing out colors, unique spots people have placed their lights, and simply admiring them.  At each house, our conversation would end the same way.

Daddy: What do you think of that one, honey? 
Katylynn: I like it Daddy.  It's bootiful.

I agree. It was beautiful.

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