Sunday, December 26, 2010

60 Days of Beauty: Day 26 - Family Welcoming Family

We spent Christmas day at my mom's house.  It was a great time of eating, decorating cookies, Settler of Catan, getting crushed on Wii Sports by my Nephew, and ultimately celebrating our Savior's birth.

As is a big part of any Christmas Celebration, we had a time of exchanging gifts.  The moment of beauty came when we started dividing up the presents.  Instead of three stacks of gifts for my family, there were 4.  Our little guy who is still halfway around the world received gifts from his aunts and uncles and Grandma.  To see that my family has already welcomed our son into the family despite the 7655 mile separation meant the world to Janelle and I. 

I'm grateful for a colorblind family who welcomes and loves son.

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