Friday, December 10, 2010

60 Days of Beauty Project: Day 10 - Partnerships Again

Last night Janelle and I sat down to watch a DVD we received from Caleb Bislow and his ministry Unusual Soldiers.  It was a year-end report on the ministry that has been taking place worldwide through his organization.  There were too many powerful and moving moments we experienced as we watched his report for me to recount in a blog post.  Caleb's story is one of dark, dangerous and despised beauty. God has placed a unique calling on his life to take the message of Christ to places many Christians would run from.

So, the DVD report was a moment of beauty in itself.  What was more beautiful to me was all that the report personally means to me.

Caleb and my friendship runs back to college.  Over the past 5 years, a unique partnership has grown with us.  I often feel I play a Barnabas role to this Paul.  This has been a beautiful partnership in my life as I feel God has allowed me to serve as an encouragement, prayer warrior, advocate, and ally for Caleb and Unusual Soldiers.

To take it a step further (as it seems each day has been doing), I went over to Caleb's blog last night and read a very cool post.  Many tend to question Caleb's actions when he has a wife and 2 (3rd will be here in February) kids he is leaving behind.  It's a legitimate question.  I have learned that there is a beautiful partnership that God has created between Caleb and his wife, Jessica.  In this post on Caleb's blog, you have the rare opportunity to hear from Jessica concerning her thoughts on the topic. Here's a small excerpt, but go to his blog for the full response from Jessica.

Being married to an "unusual soldier" is quite the adventure.  Caleb is a man called to dark, dangerous, despised places that most people would like to avoid.  Sometimes there are elements of danger or uncertainty to the "missions" he goes out on.  Long ago (about 11 years) in college I knew that there was a different beat to his heart and some of that scared me...even to the point of tears.  At that point when we were dating I had to completely surrender my fear and Caleb to the Lord.  I mean the kind of surrender that you can't change your mind and take back. 

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