Thursday, December 09, 2010

60 Days of Beauty Project: Day 9c - A Beautiful Partnership

Last night we had a special guest join us.  Satyendra is a key leader of Little Flock Fellowship in Northeast India.  This group of believers has multiple churches, ministries, and evangelistic efforts in Northeast India and neighboring countries.  They inspire and challenge me in their radical faith which is lived out humbly.  As a part of last year's Kids In Need initiative we were able to get a decent amount of resources to Little Flock for them to use as the Lord leads.

Satyendra's presence with us was an opportunity to share the progress, and the progress was exciting.
  • Education Programs started.
  • Starving Children Fed.
  • The gospel shared with many children.
  • Work with Nepali children at risk of Trafficking.
It was a report of the longer lasting terms of last school years efforts.  It was a report of the power of partnership between students in the U.S. and unassuming spiritual giants halfway around the world.

Partnership for the sake of the Kingdom is a beautiful collaboration in action!

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