Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Ipods for Sale

As a part of our adoption journey we have been finding any and all ways we can put in some extra efforts to cover the costs.  One unique thing we've been doing is collecting MyCokeReward points. As we collect those points and enter them into accounts, we are able to trade in those points and get items. 

I was just able to trade in for 2 new 16 GB Ipod Nanos (6th generation).  They are coming in the mail this week.  They are Chrome colored and will still be in their box.  If anyone out there is planning to buy someone an Ipod for Christmas, I'd be glad to sell you one of these.  The best cost I've found for a new one is $175, so that's what we're selling them for (minus tax).  Let me know if interested.  Send me an email, a message on Facebook, or get in contact with me some way.

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