Thursday, December 30, 2010

Winter Retreat Report: Day 3

Tonight, Caleb started his message saying, "Derry told me the last night of this retreat is usually cry night.  Not with me.  Tonight is 'fight night'."

As Caleb has walked us through the marks and characteristics of an Unusual Soldier, he has broken things down to say.

PASSION is something that many Christian have.
VISION is something that some Christians have.
COURAGE is something that few Christians have.

Tonight, we talked courage.  Out of the story of Caleb and Joshua in Numbers 13 and 14 where they had the courage to face the giants in the land God had given the Israelites.

Caleb identified 4 giants we will often face when God has given us a Vision:
  1. Failure.
  2. Losing your reputation.
  3. Excuses.
  4. Death.
These giants are nothing compared to the strength we can find in the Holy Spirit who resides in us.  We closed our time by allowing students to stand one by one and identify the giant in their life they'd be willing to face.  It was a powerful closing time as students took courageous steps to say that they will let the one who is in them win out over the one who is in the world.

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