Monday, December 27, 2010

Winter Retreat Update

As the lights go out on Day one of the Winter Retreat, I'm smiling big.  We had a fairly crazy trip to get here.  From our Senior High Speaker dealing with flight delays to a mechanical issue with on of our church buses (which caused us to cram people on to the other 3), we kind of had the feeling we're in for some good times of God moving... it just seemed like the enemy was working overtime to get in the way.

I was in with our Senior High as Jonathan Seller and Jordan Pearson led us in worship, and Caleb Bislow shared a message called "The Inner Circle".  It was a challenge toward passionate living for Christ.  The challenge was clear and powerful as Caleb painted the picture of the difference of three Circles in how we live for Christ.

Outer Circle:  Inheritance - where we simply choose Christianity for it's benefits (getting out of hell).
Middle Circle:  Infatuation - where Christianity is about a spiritual high or feelings.
Inner Circle:  Intimacy - where Christianity is about loving and knowing God personally and growing in a love relationship with Him.

God was speaking across the board to students.

Reports from Chris are that it was a great first night in Jr High as Jessica Noelle led in worship and Sarah Lawrence spoke.

Our night activity included tubing for the Junior High and "Tube Wars" for the Senior High.  Tube Wars is something that can only be witnessed to be understood.

Here's some ways to be praying:
  • God is stirring.  Pray His will be done.
  • There are many students here who don't know Christ.  Pray for open doors in sessions and in conversations for opportunities to show and tell salvation clearly.
  • This time of year has sickness all around.  Pray health over us all.
  • Pray for our speakers and Worship leaders by Name
    • Jessica Noelle - Junior High Worship
    • Sarah Lawrence - Junior High Speaker
    • Jonathan Seller and Jordan Pearson - Sr High Worship
    • Caleb Bislow - Sr High Speaker
  • The leaders who are working with our students.
  • The Spring Hill staff who serve us so well.

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Tonya Angle said...

Praying for God to be so very present with you all and for our students to have wide open hearts, ears, eyes, and minds for what God is saying to each of them. Praying for changed hearts and changed lives. So thankful for opportunities like these for our kids. God is so faithful!!