Saturday, January 01, 2011

60 Days of Beauty: Day 32 - Tweeting through the Year

Yesterday, I decided to post some of my more significant memories of 2010 on my Twitter account.  Below is the list of experiences, opportunities, relationships, and major blessings of 2010:
  • Multiple opportunities to link arms w/ Kory & Ali Lantz and @KP_transformation.
  • Getting a text from Terry Bley telling me he's sad he hasn't made my memory tweets.
  • Celebrating my little princess's 3rd birthday with the Disney Princesses.
  • Saying goodbye to my Grandma and Grandpa Wisler inside 3 weeks of each other.
  • Announcing my allegiance to the Boise State Broncos in an effort to appreciate College Football. (didn't work).
  • Katylynn discovering her love for green ice cream while in Ludington.Celebrating 10 years of marriage with the beautifual @janelleprenkert by going to Chicago to see Conan O'brien.
  • Being introduced to our son in Uganda.
  • Showing "To Save a Life" at our Jr and Sr High kickoffs. Record SH attendance and great tone set for school year.
  • FAVORITE MOVIE:Toy Story 3. TV SHOW: Community. ALBUM: The Story of Your Life/ Matthew West.
  • Closing out our schoolyear focus on Kids In Need and realizing we gave more $$ out than is spent on our Youth Budget.
  • A Summer Camp season that was all around DIFFERENT, and that was a great thing.
  • Recapturing the heart of compassion and relational evangelism in our students at ChicaGO 2010.
  • An awesome time speaking and partntering with @tanklehane and the Missionary Church Central District at CDYC 2010.
  • A retooled SOAR internship program with 5 awesome Student Ministries Summer Interns.
  • Getting stuck in Africa due to Iceland volcano. Flying the other way around the world to get home.
  • April spent in Kenya, Rwanda, & DRC. Life will never be the same.
  • A great Florida vacation in January/ February.
2010 was a year filled with joys, tragedies, lessons and some amazing people to journey alongside.  2010 was a great reminder of this beautiful thing called life that we have been given by the Almighty.  Looking ahead to 2011, I pray that we all may embrace the beautiful journey we are on with God

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