Sunday, January 02, 2011

60 Days of Beauty: Day 33 - Miracle

Last night, Katylynn and I went through our regular bedtime ritual which includes reading multiple books, a Bible story or two, some song singing, and prayer.

We read two stories in Katylynn's children's Bible from the life of Jesus.  The first was about the paralytic who was lowered into the house for Jesus to heal him.  After the story, I explained that what Jesus did was a miracle.  Before we read the next story about Jesus calming the storm, I asked her to see if she could figure out what miracle Jesus does in the story.  When we got done reading how Jesus spoke and the storm was calmed, I asked her if she could tell me the miracle. She responded as I would expect most any 3 year old might... "What was it?"

We went back through the story, looking at the pictures.  I showed her the picture of the storm and asked what was happening.  She responded, "A storm."  I showed her the next picture where Jesus is standing on the boat and the sun shining down, and she said "The storm is over."  I asked her how the storm stopped. Her response: "Jesus asked it to go away."

To her response, I let her know, "And that is a miracle honey."

Her response to that, "Like me, Daddy?"

I asked her to repeat herself.

"A miracle like me, Daddy?"

Exactly.  A beautiful miracle like you.


Alyssa Walter said...

blast it all... tears... she is a beautiful miracle and it has been awesome to watch you and Janelle in the journey of parenthood the last 3 years. Excited for your other miracle to get here!

Rhonda Schrock said...

Love it.