Wednesday, January 12, 2011

60 Days of Beauty: Day 43 - Overwhelmed but Fighting

Being overwhelmed and exhausted is not beautiful to me.  I despise the points where I find my soul weary, my mind aching from all the running it's doing, and my body fatigued.  I was there yesterday at the end of the day, and there was so much left to do in the immediate week, as well as much pressing in for the coming month, two months, and rest of the semester. 

I'll be honest, yesterday wasn't a terrible day, but I was wrestling as I nodded off to sleep to come up with a moment of beauty more than any day to this point in the journey.  Yet, there is still beauty there in the exhaustion and overwhelming feelings.  It's the opportunities and people that I find myself overwhelmed in...

  • This weekend I get to take many students hungry to lead for the sake of Christ on a journey toward global awareness and justice.  I'm working to get the stuff I need in place to make this journey the best possible for those involved.
  • Our NMC students are looking to put on an event that will raise significant awareness on the issue of human trafficking while coming alongside local Teens in Crisis Ministries and Global Human Trafficking Ministries.
  • There's a little boy halfway around the world waiting.  There's a family of three in the middle of a cornfield waiting.  The family of three has a lot to get in order while they wait for that boy halfway around the world to join them.
  • In an effort to be ready to travel to pick up that boy, I'm front-loading this semester's ministry responsibilities and opportunities with a lot of work to get things in place so we can make that trip.
  • Key Leadership in our Student Ministries world are responding to God's call on their life that creates some significant voids for us.

As I looked through the major causes of my overwhelming feeling, they are all rooted in beautiful events that are unfolding.  That beauty makes me want to press on, to keep fighting the good fight!


Rob said...

Keep fighting, Derry....and know I and many others are praying for you and your family, including Moses.

Loving the 60 days...encouraged and challenged by it!

Rhonda Schrock said...

That's a good way to put it! Thanks.