Sunday, January 16, 2011

60 Days of Beauty: Day 47 - Ugly Couple/Beautiful Baby

Haven't missed a day yet, and I can't let it happen today, even though I'm exhausted.  I just arrived home from the Converge Conference at Huntington University.  Yesterday, I had the privilege of guiding a group of 50 students and leaders down a track focused on Justice/Global Awareness.

In our second meeting together we took time to talk about what my friend Caleb Bislow calls the Pretty/Ugly Couple.  Picture, for a second, a drop-dead gorgeous supermodel.  She's walking arm in arm with a man who is far from pleasant to the eyes.  Caleb equates the supermodel to Matthew 25,:31-36 or humanitarian work.  It's extremely popular to be actively addressing the greatest physical needs and injustices in the world right now both inside and outside the church.  However, Matthew 28,:18-20 or the call to make disciples and meeting the spiritual needs of people, is the ugly man in the couple.  It's not popular.  There fear of being offensive by many Christians or the absolute disdain of proselytizing by many outside the church and even some inside the church. (Caleb shares his thoughts on the couple in this post)

Yesterday, I skyped Caleb into our track to talk about this couple.  I asked him which one  of the couple he was more passionate about.  His response, "I would like to see the two make a baby and we'll call it "Discipleship".  It was a great explanation of our call as followers of Christ.  Powerful.

The discipleship child from the marriage of Matthew 25 and Matthew 28 is truly a thing of beauty when I've seen it in action.

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