Monday, January 17, 2011

60 Days of Beauty: Day 48 - Benediction

The team that put the Converge Conference together nailed it.  Seth Bartlette, Kathy Ryman, Adam Henderson, Ken Chupp, Carrie Badertscher, and Brad Thornton (there are many others I'm sure I missed... sorry) just flat kicked out an innovative, fresh and relative conference for student leaders.  

I was able to serve as a track leader with three others, and there were 8 digital presenters who joined us.  At the close of the conference, the team orchestrated a unique "benediction" that involved a closing thought or blessing from each digital presenter and the 4 track leaders. 

The closing benediction of Converge was high quality, meaningful, powerful... I would call it downright beautiful.

Having been a part of putting together a large youth conference as well as various camps and retreats.  It is an exhausting exercise. Many more times than not, the effort is well worth it.  I hope the team that put this event together can feel and  know their efforts were well worth it.

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