Wednesday, January 19, 2011

60 Days of Beauty: Day 50 - An Affidavit

I wonder how many people could say the following,

"We received a Court Affidavit yesterday and it was a beautiful thing."

We can.  Our court papers requesting a hearing in the Ugandan Courts for the adoption of a little boy came yesterday.  We signed them and Fed Exed them off to Portland (where Holt International Headquarters are located).  From there, they will be sent to Uganda.

This is the final of final steps before we are able to travel.  Now, we wait for the court date.  How long, you ask?  We are asking too.  This much we know.  Uganda is holding their election February 18.  We will not be traveling till Holt is confident election issues are resolved.  The smoother the election process, the quicker we get to travel.  

Join us in praying for a smooth election in Uganda so we can travel soon to bring our son home.  This is a huge prayer request as Uganda's political unrest has only been significantly calmed in the last couple of years. Maybe as you join us in praying, don't make it only about the Prenkerts being able to travel, make it about a nation with a significantly bloody and violent past (especially involving it's children) that needs the peace of God resting over it.


Rob said...

That's excellent news...and praying for you, your family, your new son, and his country.

blckspdr said...

WAHOO! We have been praying like crazy for you guys! We will now begin to pray for this country!

Sara said...

My prayers are with each of you, Moses, and the country of Uganda. May the Lord bless the rest of this process.