Tuesday, January 18, 2011

60 Days of Beauty: Day 49 - Beautiful Things

I find it interesting that the past 49 days have found me listening to a lot more music.

I heard this song 2 weeks ago watching a replay of one of the sessions of the Passion Conference.  I said to myself, "I gotta figure out who wrote that song," but I was so caught up in the session of the conference I forgot about it.

Then I heard it being played pre and post session at Converge.  I hunted down the artist and song title.  It is far too fitting to the 60 Days of Beauty Project.

A song is a beautiful thing.

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Rob said...

I Googled them after your tweet yesterday..."Beautiful Things" on Youtube was the first result. It wrecked me. Downloaded the album last night. Thanks for the tip, and for another beautiful thing.