Monday, January 24, 2011

60 Days of Beauty: Day 55 - Holt International

Last night Janelle and I had an opportunity to volunteer at Winterfest in Fort Wayne, a concert featuring a ton  of Christian artists... Chris Sligh, Francesca Battistelli, Red, Kutless, David Crowder and Newboys to name a few.

Our role was to help promote the orphan sponsorship program with Holt International.  As Holt is the organization we are doing our adoption through, we thought it made sense for us to help out. 

As a part of the presentation at the concert, the story was told of Harry and Bertha Holt, the founders of Holt International.  In all reality, the Holt family could be called the mother and father of International adoption.  Their efforts in the 1950s resulted in the adoption of 8 orphans from Korea.  You can read their full story here, but this excerpt especially struck me...
The Holts’ adoption was revolutionary. Their example showed that a family’s love can transcend the barriers of race and nationality. At a time when adoption was regarded as something to be kept secret, they adopted children who were obviously not their birth children. Through their deep Christian faith and fierce determination, they showed the world that adoption is a banner of love, not a badge of shame.
I'm so thankful for Harry and Bertha Holt and their beautiful; bold step to love God's children.

In the words of Bertha Holt, "All Children are beautiful when they are loved."

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