Tuesday, January 25, 2011

60 Days of Beauty: Day 56 - Bad News/ Good News

Yesterday we received an email we didn't expect.  Long story short, based off what we had been told, we were hoping and thinking a first trip (or even just only trip) to get our son in Uganda was going to take place in March.  We had not been given any guarantees, but all signs seemed to point that way... until yesterday. Yesterday we were told it could now be a 3-6 month wait for a court date.
Not what we wanted to hear.  It was tough one to swallow, but once again God chose to speak to us through our little girl.  Here, in Janelle's words, is what went down at bedtime last night:
After I told Katylynn about the news with tears in my eyes, she looked up, smiled through her tears and said, "you know from my movie (Toy Story) Mama.  Slinky dog had good news and bad news."  It was then I knew my daughter was speaking on behalf of God.  I asked her, what is the good news?  She instead said, "the bad news is it's gonna be a long time till he is home."  I asked her again, what is the good news?  She said, "Me!"  Right on Kid!  Although one kid is far away and my heart aches for him, my baby girl, who I am rocking in my arms was the best "good news" this mama could have ever wanted.
You can read Janelle's post here.   We are praying for a miracle.  

In the process we accept the amazingly beautiful miracle we currently have.

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Rob said...

Praying for you as well...though I know God is still in charge, that's disappointing to hear, I'm sure. Great perspective by your wife and your little girl. I'm not going to pretend I have the words to make you feel better...but know you've got plenty of us down here in the valley to pray and stay with you, my friend. Whether it's soon or down the road a little way, Moses will be part of a family that will love him fiercely...and that's worth waiting for.