Saturday, January 29, 2011

60 Days of Beauty: Day 60 - 60 Part 2

I did my best to sum up each day's beauty with a 1-2 sentence thought.  Here's the past 60 Days of Beauty summed up:

Day 1: You know kid, I think we're going to need to work on your definition of beautiful.
Day 2: Forgiveness is not something we deserve, but something that is absolutely beautiful when extended or received.
Day 3: The finished product was, in my opinion, beautiful, but most beautiful was the building process we were able to share together.
Day 4: I was reminded yesterday that a major part of my appreciation for movies is the multiple ways beauty hits the screen through writers, directors, actors, and the many other crew members who bring film to life.
Day 5: I had a little fast forward to about 11-14 years from now when I saw what I believe God wants to have happen... me at a restaurant with my teenage daughter on a Daddy/Daughter date.
Day 6 (Concerning Corporate Worship): All these aspects made a beautiful collision for me yesterday.
Day 7: When we allow it to be, beauty is contagious. That, in and of itself, is a beautiful thing.
Day 8: As I seek to work on my definition of beautiful, I guess I can't avoid that which I already know is beautiful!
Day 9a (Concerning Janelle's Tweet): May I always love and care for the orphans and the "throw aways" of the world. God equip my heart to love more. In my fear, YOUR LOVE REIGN.
Day 9b: The prayers of students created a beautiful scene last night.
Day 9c: Partnership for the sake of the Kingdom is a beautiful collaboration in action!
Day 10: have learned that there is a beautiful partnership that God has created between Caleb (Bislow) and his wife, Jessica.
Day 11 (Concerning Needtobreathe's "Something Beautiful"): I listened to this song about 5 times in my car yesterday. I believe it shall serve as my theme song for 60 Days of Beauty.
Day 12: He (our little boy we're adopting) may be halfway around the world, but he's a part of our family. She (Katylynn) confirms it. Beautiful.
Day 13 (concerning a snowy drive from church to home): That 8 minute drive (usually about 4, thanks snow for the extra memories) was a beautiful drive!
Day 14: Last Night, when we were praying, I asked Katylynn if there was anything she wanted to ask Jesus to help her little brother with. Her first response, "Help him be strong." Last night, I asked Katylynn if there was anything else she wanted to ask Jesus to help him with. Her second response, "Help get him here." Beautifully stated kid. Beautifully stated.
Day 15: Thank you God for the beautiful blessing of a life where I can find so much joy in a very average day.
Day 16: When I see light bulb moments happen, it is beautiful.
Day 17 (Concerning KP Transformation): It was a beautiful sight to see two 24 year-olds who, for all practical purposes, have become the parents ten kids ages 11-17.
Day 18: God's blessing through God's People is a thing of beauty.
Day 19 (Concerning Lunch & Movie w/ Katylynn & Janelle): A Beautiful Saturday afternoon combination.
Day 20 (Concerning the Colts): A beautiful win yesterday.
Day 21: Being a part of a team is a beautiful thing.
Day 22 (Concerning Proverbs 3:5-6): A beautiful and confounding reminder of the role of trust in discovering God's will.
Day 23 (Concerning a late night drive home with my wife): It was a great time of sharing with the most beautiful woman in the world.
Day 24: I greatly look forward to a 2011 spent reading from the devotional classic made even more classic made even more classic by my prayer-warrior Grandma.
Day 25 (Christmas Day): Savior. Messiah. Glory to God. Peace on Earth. Beautiful.
Day 26: I'm grateful for a colorblind family who welcomes and loves my son.
Day 27: A day that I would consider a beautiful gift from God.
Day 28 (Concerning a student's confession he is not a Christian): Honesty. Transparency. It's refreshing to see, and heartbreaking.  Heartbreaking, but hopeful, beautiful,brutal honesty.
Day 29: A good campfire or fireplace is always a thing of beauty.
Day 30: Is there anything more beautiful than a person responded to the grace of God found in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ?
Day 31 (Concerning a Student's response to a Missions Calling): A beautiful milestone... a stake in the ground, shared with a student I believe is going to have major Kingdom impact.
Day 32 (New Years Day): Looking ahead to 2011, I pray that we all may embrace the beautiful journey we are on with God.
Day 33 (Concerning Katylynn): Exactly. A beautiful miracle like you.
Day 34 (Concerning NMC's January Series "Radical): Personally, the timing could not be more perfect. In fact, I'd have to call it beautiful timing for me...
Day 35: Between two covers, God's beautiful breathing, living, and active Word.
Day 36 (Concerning Psalm 51:10-12): The prayer resonated within me as I spent time with my Creator in His word yesterday.
Day 37: A Beautiful response to pray that God could make beauty from the ashes of two significant issues in our world today.
Day 38: I observed as someone close to me took some significant steps in his/her life, and those steps were a beautiful thing.
Day 39: In the world of sport, the game winners are always a beautiful thing to me.
Day 40: That's right, a 3 hour nap that started at 10 in the morning. A beautiful 3 hour nap.
Day 41 (Concerning meeting with parents and students): In both cases, it was a beautiful encounter with the Body of Christ being the Body of Christ.
Day 42: Yesterday, the time spent talking with a great friend was a beautiful reminder of a beautiful friendship God has placed in my life.
Day 43: As I looked through the major causes of my overwhelming feeling, they are all rooted in beautiful events that are unfolding. That beauty makes me want to press on, to keep fighting the good fight!
Day 44 (Concerning NMC Students focusing on Teens and Trafficking): They are choosing to be a part of something bigger than themselves, and that is a beautiful thing.
Day 45: I'm grateful beautiful moments can be captured by Cameras.
Day 46: Students Converging to let their faith and their lives converge has been a beautiful sight.
Day 47: The discipleship child from the marriage of Matthew 25 and Matthew 28 is truly a thing of beauty when I've seen it in action.
Day 48: The closing benediction of Converge was high quality, meaningful, powerful... I would call it downright beautiful.
Day 49 (Concerning Gungor's "Beautiful Things"): A song is a beautiful thing.
Day 50: We received a Court Affidavit yesterday and it was a beautiful thing.
Day 51: The fact that God can and is speaking to His people today is a beautiful thing.
Day 52: Yesterday inhaling a Pizza Puff from the Wakarusa Bas Station was 22.4 seconds of beauty.
Day 53 (Concerning Bethel College): Yesterday served as a reminder of a fantastic school where the beautiful presence of God rests in a very unique way.
Day 54: God's timing, although often painful for us in the midst of it, is a beautifully orchestrated thing.
Day 55: In the words of Bertha Holt, "All Children are beautiful when they are loved."
Day 56 (Concerning Katylynn as we wait for permission to see our son): In the process we accept the amazingly beautiful miracle we currently have.
Day 57 (Concerning Janelle): She knows me. She respects me. She cares for me by doing things she'd know I'd appreciate even though I didn't ask. That's beautiful.
Day 58: Every Wednesday Night, God has given NMC Student Ministries a beautiful opportunity. I pray we will make the most of that opportunity.
Day 59 (Concerning our little guy's bedroom): A house filled with love has one empty bedroom. We wait upon the Lord.
Day 60: 60 Beautiful things is where I'll cut the list, but thanks be to God for many, many more that could make the list!

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Rhonda Schrock said...

Derry, thanks for starting this whole journey. It was such a healthy discipline, looking for those traces of God in the everyday. Taking the trip with other NMCers was a good experience.