Sunday, January 30, 2011

60 Days Done. Now What?

With the 60 Days of Beauty Project in the books (or should I say, "on the blog"), I've been wondering where to go from here...

20 Days of Food:  Logging everything I eat for 20 days straight.
100 Bedtimes:  I post what time I went to bed for 100 straight nights.
55 Days of Mileage:  Post where I drove and how many miles I logged in my 92 Camry.
14 Days of Doo Doo:  I'll let you decide what that would be about.

Well, I think it's clear there need not be any days of anything for a while.  However, the 60 Days of Beauty have gotten me back into a blogging rhythm.  I will be posting a few series over the next month as well as reprising Youtubesday and the Friday 5 for the foreseeable future.  Stay tuned...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

For some reason I hadn't spotted your 60 days project in my rss feed until you'd finished it.

I'm enjoying skimming through them though in an effort to catch up.

Firstly well done on finishing the journey you started and I am happy it's got you back in the flow so to speak - that's something I'm struggling with too.

Anyway, was going to say the one thing that could have made your 60 days project better (and perhaps you could apply to your next project) is to gather a few other bloggers to do it alongside you.