Friday, April 08, 2011

Adoption Update: An Official Date

Posted yesterday:
So, here's the steps and timeline from here.
  1. Lawyers in Ugandan get court date set for the adoption hearing (could be today, should be within the next 3 weeks)...
 Well, it was closer to "today" than it was 3 weeks!  We got the call at 1:00 p.m.  "We have a court date for you on Friday, April 29.  You will need to head to Uganda Easter weekend."


This will be the first of two trips.  This trip is all about the court date.  We will get to spend about 3 days with the little guy at the care center prior to his court date.  Then we go to Ugandan court to receive permission for his adoption.  After that, we head home while the Ugandan lawyers work up the long court documents. After documents are ready we'll head back to Uganda to work through the visa and citizenship process for our son.

We're in the process of working flights and specific departure dates.  Bottom line, we'll be holding our boy for the 1st time by Tuesday, April 26.

As we've walked through this process it has been full of dashes and the word "to" (1 to 2 years, 3-6 months).  It's almost inconceivable to move from a dash to concrete, official, specific date.

But we do have a date, and it's coming soon, very soon!

Again, I say... 



Melissa said...

congrats :)

Cameron and Megan said...

so so so awesome!!!!