Saturday, April 09, 2011

Ten 90s Christian Albums Everyone Should Own

Was looking through my I-pod and became heart-broken over the fact that you may not own the following albums.
  1. Plankeye - The Spark. Grungy, whiny 90s alternative.  Still break it out and sing as loud as I can in my car on a regular basis.
  2. Poor old lu - Sin or Picture of the 8th Wonder (or both). To even narrow it down to 2 poor old lu albums is a shame. Seattle grunge. Good stuff.
  3. Five Iron Frenzy - Proof that the Youth are Revolting.  Live album that allows you to enjoy the best of the best of their earlier stuff.
  4. Prayer Chain - Shawl.
  5. Ghoti Hook - Sumo Surprise. Absolutely fun, rockin' 90s punk.
  6. Steve Taylor - Liver.  It's actually live 90s grunged up versions of several 80s tunes along with some great 90s tunes. God literally spoke to me through this album.
  7. The 77s - Echoes o' Faith Live. Hard one to find, but 90s unplugged versions of the several of the band's 70s & 80s tunes.
  8. Sarah Masen - Carry Us Through.  Eclectic Coffee House solo tunes back at the beginning of coffee house music.
  9. Model Engine - The Lean Years Tradition.  Potentially the most obscure album, but some great rockin' duets on this album.
  10. Dime Store Prophets - Love is Against the Grain.  Rockabilly.  Probably the second most obscure band, but I loved 'em.
If you don't own these albums, it's your loss.  Just sayin'...


D.C. Cramer said...

Thanks to you, I have about 7 of these albums (including a pirated cassette of the 77s live). In my humble opinion, Plankeye Commonwealth should be on there with the Spark. As with POL, it is difficult to limit it to just one. No need for false "dichotomies." ;)

Andrew said...

I still remember the first time I listened to Picture of the Eighth Wonder. Still a top 5 album all-time for me.

blckspdr said...

I am pleased to say that I own 90% of those. :)