Friday, May 20, 2011

Praying for Our Adoption: Court Orders Complete!

I sent an email to HOLT assuming we were heading into the weekend with no progress (it was9:00 p.m. in Uganda).  30 seconds later my phone rang.  It was our contact from HOLT letting us know good news.  The Court Orders were completed!

From here, the staff in Uganda staff has three steps to complete.

Get one more letter from a Ugandan government branch..
Get a birth certificate.
Get a passport.

There is a chance these could all be completed next week.  We are praying that will be the case.

By the way, this order is what makes us OFFICIAL GUARDIANS of our son.  Although he's been "ours" in our minds and heart for a while, this is the significant legal step.



Anonymous said...

Praising Jesus with you!!! So, so excited for this significant step for your whole family!
Staci Keter

Rosa "Rosita" said...

"Dario" we are praying over here for you guys. Its getting closer!!! So excited for you guys!!!