Friday, May 27, 2011

Praying For Our Adoption: Waiting on a Passport

We received word on Tuesday that things were progressing well in filing the necessary paperwork.  The application for a passport has been submitted.  The passport looks to be the final thing we need before we are able to travel back. 

We were hoping and praying we would receive news today that all was in place and we could plan our trip for early next week.

Didn't happen.  Nothing will happen in Uganda over the weekend and we will hear nothing from Eugene, Oregon till Tuesday.  As we near a full month since being back, we find ourselves longing to get back.  Patience is thin.  Trite sayings (it will all work out in the end) and Christian cliches (It's all in His timing) are more annoying than helpful (just a little brutal honesty there).

We wait.  We struggle.  We trust.

Pray for our son.  Pray he is well loved and healthy. 
Pray for patience.
Pray for a passport.


eives said...

I've been in your shoes and I know just how hard waiting can be. It sucks, plane and simple. HOWEVER (here comes the chiches) use this time to let God mold you, to teach you that HE is in control because clearly we're not. Some of my BEST worship experiences took place sobbing through the unknowns of our adoption. I had to let go of the illusion of control in order to let God fill the "control seat" in my life. WOW what a ride. You'd think there would be an easier way to learn such an important lesson.
A power point slide would be less painful. . . Hugs guys. I'm a praying for ya!

Steph said...

I will continue to pray for you guys in this process and for your son. Be encouraged, God has big things! God Bless!

Becky Ryder said...

Amen to the sayings/cliches!! Though I agree with them, it doesn't help that much. Knowing the history of the won't be long. Continuing to lift you up in prayer as you get ready to go back!

Rob said...

Sorry if I offended you with my comment on a previous post...didn't mean to be trite.

Still praying with you both.

derryprenkert said...

Not at all Rob. Your comment was spoken out of experience and with heart. Big difference from what I was referencing.