Monday, May 30, 2011

Running Through My Mind

  • For me, Memorial Weekend normally marks the beginning of Summer.  It feels a little less "Summery" this weekend due to the fact I thought we'd all be together as a family by now, BUT it still feels like Summer.
  • My daughter is picking up our family room right now and saying, "You have to clean up if you want to get something to eat."  Funny.
  • I watched the King's Speech this past weekend.  It's a moving film with some great acting.
  • We're in the midst of re-dreaming trying to tackle the high school to young adult transition as a ministry.  In my opinion it is the most complex, yet crucial transition.  We have many more questions than answers with this all.  We're leaning in and seeking to think outside the box.
  • Everyone keeps asking when we think we'll be heading to Uganda.  All we know is soon.  If you would have asked me two weeks ago, I would have guessed we'd be there bay now.  Now, I really think we'll be going by the end of next week.  I'm really hoping we'll be heading out this weekend. 
  • It's so weird, although this wait between trips has been tough, I can't believe May is almost over.

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