Friday, June 24, 2011

I Think People Are Praying

In my prayer post yesterday, I outlined 4 key aspects with our trip and asked that people would pray through this bullet list:

  • Embassy Appointment
  • Visa Medical 
  • Various Key Contact/ Landmark Visits
  • Embassy Interview
I also mentioned that, if everything goes smoothly, we may be able to get the entire process done by next Friday.  Well, I think there are people praying. 

Embassy Appointment - Katylynn was awake from 12:30-3:30 a.m. last night.  I don't think her little body has made the time adjustment.  This made our 6:45 wake up time extra rough.  I think I've maybe slept 11 hours total over the last 3 nights, and Janelle maybe has a few more she was able to get on the plane ride.  Needless to say, we were pretty loopy as we headed in to our 8:00 a.m. appointment.  This led to me carrying a cell phone and my insulin pen to the Embassy (which aren't allowed).  It wasn't too much trouble.  I just had to turn them in until we were done.  My exhaustion also led to me leaving a couple of key documents in our vehicle that we were supposed to have with us.  Again, not a huge issue.  I just had to run outside and grab the papers.
We received the permission for the Visa Medical and our files were reviewed.  Everything looked to be in order.  Dorah stayed behind and talked through next steps.  When she came out, she told us she had good news.  Our Visa Interview is set for Wednesday!  We were thinking Friday would be great news.

Visa Medical: There was one trick with our Visa Interview. The Visa Medical exam has to be completed in time.  There is a TB test that must be included for this to happen.  The TB test takes 3 days to read, and our medical appointment was set for Monday.  This meant the test would not be completed in time for the appointment.  Dorah said we would go by the Doctor and plead for them to see us today.  She said it would need a miracle and we need to pray.  Dorah worked her magic, and God worked his even more.  The receptionist for the Doctor was incredibly helpful and set the appointment up for today.

Key Contacts/Appointments:  From there, we went back to the apartment to pick up my mom, Katylynn, and Moses (it was just Janelle, Dorah and I up to this point).  We met the Probation Officer who was assigned to Moses' case.  She is the government worker who was the one who reviewed our files, Moses' files, and determined if we would be recommended for custody of Moses. She was a fantastic lady.  It was also a great moment to be reminded of God's meticulous providence (shout out to Pastor Dave Engbrecht on that phrase).  To think of the many people and many specific things that needed to fall into place in order for us to be matched with Moses is beyond mind-boggling.

Back to Visa Medical:  We then went in for Moses' appointment.  The Doctor was actually a little late to see us and was incredibly apologetic.  We were quick to let her know there was no need to apologize in that she was willing to make adjustments to see us.  The Doctor was an amazingly kind lady. She was very sweet to Katylynn as well as Moses.  The checkup went great.  As she reviewed our files, she let us know that because Moses was under age 2, no TB test was necesarry.  After our 10 minute appointment, she let us know everything was fine.  The paperwork would be sent to the Embassy by tomorrow!

Visa Interview:  We're set to go on Wednesday.  Everything is in order.  If the interview goes well, it will take a couple of days to get the Visa documents (hopefully before the 4th). 

Just to be clear, this type of stuff doesn't happen.  Delays are the name of the game in international adoption (just read back on my blog posts over the past two years). 

This weekend will be spent as a family.  Tomorrow we will be heading to a Country Club (included with the apartment) for some pool and play time.  Sunday, we will go to church at Watoto.  More bonding time on the way!

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Rob said...

Love it when God shows up and SHOWS OFF! Still praying for the four of you...and for the rest of the process.

In your words...AWESOMESAUCE!