Thursday, June 23, 2011

Praying for Our Adoption: The Layout

We still have two weeks till we arrive back home, and there is a lot that needs to happen. Things look to be in decent order, but we have several key appointments and steps that need to take place between now and heading home.

  • Embassy Appointment – Tomorrow we go to the Embassy to talk through our process to this point, get a key document for the Visa Medical appointment (read below) and set up our visa interview time.
  • Visa Medical – We hope to go to the Doctor on Monday to run a physical and necessary tests to get him permission to travel to the U.S. One test is a TB test which can’t be read for 72 hours.
  • Various Key Contact/ Landmark Visits – This does not have to happen in order for us to get home, but we plan to meet with several people who factor into the story of Moses, and visit the area where he was found and taken into the care of those at the Care Center.
  • Embassy Interview – This is the biggie… the final step to gaining permission to travel home.

If all goes totally smooth, the entire process could be done by next Friday. We are praying for that, but we also know that things rarely go “totally smooth.” As you can see, the Embassy Appointment, Visa Medical and Embassy Interview all build off each other.  If a wrench gets thrown in early on, it makes for delays on all fronts.  Fortunately we have a few extra days built in to account for that, BUT we also have some very exciting plans if all goes smoothly.

Join us in praying as we seek to bond as a family and do our due diligence to finish up this process.  Pray through that bullet list above.  We'll let you know how to pray as time goes along as well.

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Kathy said...

You are in my heart!! Praying all goes smoothly. "Your will be done." Amen.