Monday, June 20, 2011

Praying for Our Adoption: A Bit of a Timeline

First off, this is all so tentative that I hesitate to even write anything about our timeline while in country.  The big deal is the appointment with the Embassy.  We won't be able to set that up till we arrive.

There is a lot that will be determined once we are there, but here is an extremely rough idead of what lies ahead:
 (Uganda is 7 hrs ahead of EST)
  • Tuesday, June 21: Fly out of Detroit
  • Wednesday, June 22: Layover in Amsterdam & Nairobi.  Land in Uganda 11:30.
  • Thursday-Friday, June 23-24: Orientation; potentially visit Embassy to set up appointment. Go see Junior.  If all goes well, we'll take official custody and he'll come to the hotel with us.
  • Saturday-Sunday, June 25-26:  No adoption business. Spending time together as a new family.  Attend Watoto Church.
  • Monday-Friday, June 27-July 1:  Appointment at the Embassy (hopefully).  Visits to various landmarks and people connected to Junior and his story.  All other Adoption related work.
  • Saturday-Sunday, July 2-3:  Weekend stuff.  Spending time as a family. Church service or if adoption business isn't done, go on a Safari.
  • Monday-Wednesday, July 4-6:  If all adoption business is done, go on a Safari.  If it isn't, pray like crazy and do everything we can to get it done!
  • Thursday, July 7:  Fly out of Uganda
  • Friday, July 8: Layover in Amsterdam, arrive back in Detroit

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Jen Bontrager said...

I'll definitely be thinking of and praying for you in the next several days. My sister and her family live in Arusha, Tanzania right now. Makes me feel a little closer to her to have people I'm connected to on the same continent with her.