Monday, June 20, 2011

Praying for Our Adoption: General Specifics

As we head into trip 2 to Uganda, here are some ways you can specifically be praying over our trip in general:
  • Travel:  Four of us going.  2 Connections on the way there.  Lots of luggage.  Customs.  Time Change.  3 1/2 year old.  We are praying for smooth and event free travel.a
  • Custody: We will go to visit Junior at the Care Center until the staff at Uganda feels he is comfortable enough to come into our custody.  This could take a day or it could take a week. We are praying it will be closer to a day.
  • The Embassy Appointment:  The thing that has to happen some time between June 23 and July 6 is an appointment at the Embassy to get Junior's Visa.  We can't set the appointment till we arrive.  We are praying for a quick and event free appointment.
  • Katylynn:  A 3 1/2 year old is traveling on 3 planes to get to Africa.  She is going to be welcoming a new member to our family.  She is going to see poverty and orphans up close.  We are praying God will move in her little heart and also guard her little heart.
  • My Mom:  I'm so excited my mom gets to enjoy this experience with us.  It's been about 10 years since she traveled out of the country.  She's leaving her business for 2 1/2 weeks.  My dad's birthday is July 4 while we are gone (my dad died in 2009).
  • Health:  Janelle got sick last time. It wasn't fun. It would be less fun if Katylynn got sick.
  • Bonding: We get the chance to be a family while in Uganda.  We are praying God will quickly and supernaturally place a bond in all our hearts.
  • Kristy:  There is a chance Kristy Mikel will be able to come over and visit us while in Uganda.  A few things need to come into place to allow that to happen.  We are praying that will happen.


Tiff said...

Really Really LOVE this post! I'm so excited for you guys! The day is finally here!! I hope you have a great time, I'm continuing to pray for all of it! I also really LOVE the last point! Been talkin' to Kristy quite a bit! Hope it works out to meet! If ya do, give her a big hug for me! :-)
Have a great time! I'm prayin'!

Anonymous said...

We are SO, SO excited for your family! Our staff at AGC Baby Centre have been praying for your nearly every day and we'll continue to do so! Enjoy every second of your first family time together!!!

Small Town Girl said...

We are so excited! As I was going through clothes for your little man, I kept thinking about how cute he would look in this, how studly he would look in that. We can't wait to finally meet him!


AWESOME! This Bislows are remembering you at this time.