Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Hangover

From Mid-June till last Sunday, we have been on an absolute whirlwind.  I have had to breathe a little bit since returning from Summer Camp.  Here's a few quick hits:
  •  I have seen some of the best immediate follow-up and action steps this year after our Camps.
  • Janelle and I had a little date with Harry Potter Tuesday evening.  It was nice to get away with just the two of us.  As far as the movie, Janelle LOVED it.  I really liked it.  I've read the book three times and listened to it a couple... so it was pretty much impossible to turn the book into a completely acceptable movie.  There are 3 things I wish they had stayed more true to the book on; invisibility cloak, memories from Snape, and final fight scene (trying not to give anything away), but in the end, I won't complain.
  • Our family of four is adjusting extremely well.  Moses (I'm calling him Mose or Moze... not sure how to spell it) is smiling and laughing a lot.  Katylynn took a while to overcome jet lag, but is doing great.
  • We still have a lot of travel ahead of us till mid August.  Next week, we head up to Ludington for a little family time, just the four of us.  Then, August 4 I head up to Brown City Camp in Michigan to speak at their Senior High Gatherings.  Janelle and kids will join me for 1/2 of the camp.  This wasn't necessarily how we pictured our first month as a family of four (we thought it would happen no later than the end of May).  At the same time, we're trusting God knew the timing and have a feeling the positive out of this is that the constant in Moses' adjustment will be us rather than a place.
We're soaking up the moments.


Small Town Girl said...

Whether a baby comes straight from the hospital or another country, there is always a time of adjustment. I am so thankful that you have a job where your kids can travel with you. What a blessing! Have fun in Ludington! We are counting down the days until we get to go. Your mom is so kind to bless us with time up there. Your cousin needs it!

Jeremy Wilmot said...

I absolutely LOVE the truth in the fact the constant will be that Moses is always with his family. In the end, that matters so much more than any place you take him or any activity you do together. Love what you guys are doing and the examples you are to the senior high and the church.