Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Update from our Embassy Interview: So Far, So Good

We returned from the Embassy about 30 minutes ago.

Everything was in place and our Visa request was accepted!

This means that we will have his Visa no later than Friday.  They are aware that it would be very helpful to us if we can get the Visa by 3:00 p.m. tomorrow (8:00 a.m. back home) so we can get on our Thursday evening flight.   They couldn't promise this could happen as paperwork has to be submitted and run through (a lot of computer processing that can't be sped up).

If the Visa is not available in time, we have decided that Katylynn, my mom, and myself will still return Thursday evening.  We will move Janelle and Moses' tickets to Friday evening (as of yesterday, it will cost us $1500 to do a ticket transfer for just one ticket).  Katylynn, mom and I would stay in Detroit Friday Night and all come back home Saturday once Janelle and Moses lands.  This is not ideal, but we're confident this is the wisest path.  It would be very hard for Mom to go alone with Katylynn, and if I were to travel alone with Moses, there would be significantly more hesitation by airport security and customs to have a male traveling with a foreign child.

Please continue to pray that the paragraph I just wrote will be a moot point. 
It would be much better emotionally, financially, and familialy (just made up a word) if we were all on a plane tomorrow night.

God's favor has very clearly been on us today (from our emotions, to Moses' spirit during the interview, to having a very smooth interview).

The great news for now is we will all be home by this weekend, and this little guy will take his first steps on U.S. soil!

We're heading out for a feast of a celebration!!!

Praising God and continuing to trust Him, 

Derry and Janelle


Jenn said...

Great news friends! Praying for God's continued favor and for everything to be in place!! Love to you all. xoxo

Rosa "Rosita" said...

Derry- I read everything you wrote but all I really saw was that picture. I love his smile/smirk! Congration family of 4!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Praising Jesus with you for that HUGE step of having the visa! At the end of the day, a few days and some money will seem so little if it has to be the harder way. Still praying for a miracle of speed for the paperwork.
Staci Keter

Tracy said...

Praise God!! Oh we are so happy for you guys. Praying that it comes before you have to leave so you can all travel together!! Can't wait to see pics of his homecoming!

Becky Ryder said...

Great news!! That is a really good picture of Moses, he looks very comfortable! Still praying:)

Rob said...

excellent news...and still praying with you that you're all on that plane tomorrow.