Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A Little Twist to the Day

Late last night, or early this morning Kristy Mikel and Amanda Yoder arrived on a bus ride from Kenya to spend a couple of days with us.  For those not in the know, Kristy is spending a year and Amanda 2 months in Kenya at the AGC Baby Center.  Amanda graduated from our youth group last year and Kristy, well the ties to our family are many:
  1. She graduated from NMC.
  2. She worked as my administrative assistant at NMC for 8 years.
  3. She is one of Janelle's best friends.
  4. She is also one of Katylynn's best friends.
Katylynn didn't know that she was going to get to see "Twisty" (as she calls her) until Sunday night.  As she woke up this morning, she ran out to the couch where Twist was sleeping and gave her a great big hug and a kiss.

As I posted in our Call to Prayer, Katylynn has been extremely homesick.  Emotional meltdowns have been a multiple-times-a-day occurance.  Today was night and day difference.  Both Kristy and Amanda have been able to play with her, read to her, hold her, and simply brighten up her day. 

They have also been a huge breath of fresh air to Janelle, Mom and I.  There's just something nice about having familiar faces around.

Our day consisted of...
  • A beef and noodles and mashed potatos lunch extravaganza a specialty we packed from home just for the Kenya gals... but I must way we also enjoyed it thoroughly.
  • Souvenir shopping at the national theater.  We got a lot of very cool things including a purple outfit and a purple bottle cap purse for Katylynn.
  •  A visit to the KLM office by me.  We reserved a seat for Moses (on Janelle's lap).  I also walked through the various scenarios we may be running into if our Visa is delayed.  As the lady behind the counter pulled up the screen to see the current cost difference if we are to have to change tickets, she did some typing, then looked up at me and said, "I really hope that you don't have to change."  Let's just say the ticket costs have gone up significantly over the weekend!  All the more need for prayer.
  • Lots and lots of laughs and cuddling from Moses.  The little guy is really getting comfortable with us.  He is calling us all by name... Mama for Janelle, dah-dee for me, Diddy for Katylynn, Gamaw for my mom.
  •  We ate supper at the most Mzungu (African word for white people) place we can find, The Spur Steakhouse.
  • Twisty reading to Katylynn for bedtime.

Tomorrow is the big day for the Visa Interview.  We are getting picked up from our apartment at 1 p.m. (6 a.m. Indiana) for our 2 p.m. appointment.  It's crazy to think we could be 48 hours from boarding an airplane to head home.  It's unnerving to think we really don't know what will happen.
We are anxious & uncertain, but also knowing we have an awesome God who has blessed us with an awesome family and some awesome support people back home.

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Megan Rendall said...

I'm so happy that you guys were able to spend some time with Twist! Yay! And you can count me in for prayer and fasting, as I will be heading to class at the time of your interview. Miss you guys and hope to see all of you back soon! :D