Thursday, September 08, 2011

5 Thoughts on the The Colts

It was going to be 5 thoughts on the NFL, but with news of another neck surgery and 2-3 month recovery, I thought I'd zero in on the Colts.

Thought #1 - Go sign David Garrard to a one year deal.
He knows the division. All reports are that he is a quality guy.  He's younger and more versatile than Collins. 

Thought #2 - I will still watch the Colts weekly.
There are Colts fans and then there are Peyton Manning fans.  I have no problem with either.  I'm a Colts fan.  I really started cheering for them when "Captain Comeback" Jim Harbaugh (now coaching the 49ers) was the QB.  I can understand how some fans will not watch a Manningless Colts.  The style of offense is thoroughly entertaining.  It may be very painful to watch this season, but I'll still watch.  I love Dallas Clark, Austin Collie, Jeff Saturday, Dwight Freeney, and Robert Mathis.  I'll still watch.

Though #3 - I think the Colts could still win the Division.
I'm not saying the Colts will win the division.  I'm just saying they could.  Think about it... the Jags just threw away this season dropping Garrard.  The Titans have a new coach and new quarterback in a severely shortened off season.  Clearly the Texans are the favorites for the division.  If held down and forced to make a prediction, I would predict the Texans to win, but they've had the same talent they now have for the past three season.  They seem to consistently find a way to lose despite.

Thought #4 - Go with Delone Carter.
Joseph Addai drives me nuts as a RB.  He looked fantastic at the beginning of his career. Lately, if he's not injured, he runs as if he's afraid of getting injured.  It's time to move to a new feature back.  If Manning is really out for the season, I say go with a RB by committee setup.  Next season, put Delone Carter in that role.

Thought #5 - This season may help shed light on how great of a QB Peyton Manning is.
In this whole conversation of Manning missing time, I've heard a statement again and again, "No player is more important to his team than Peyton Manning." 
There's plenty of debate on who's the best in the QB position.  It's a 6 person argument in the "current" debate... Manning, Brady, Rodgers, Roethlisberger, Brees, Rivers.  Brady and Manning get thrown into the "all-time" debate with the likes of Montana, Elway, Unitas, Favre and Marino.
Here's my thing... 
IF you take into light the team history with him as QB in 13 seasons (11 winning seasons,  11 Playoff appearances 7 Division Champs, 2 Conference Champs, 1 Super Bowl),
IF the statement that "No player is more important to his team than Peyton Manning
IF the Colts tank this season.
THEN Peyton Manning is the best  Quarterback in the NFL, is he not?
I tend to agree in theory that no player is more important, but we've not had a chance to see that in theory in meaningful action.  I guess we get to see it now.


Geoff Cocanower said...

I 100% agree. The Colts are a little ridiculous if they don't try and get Garrard. Bottom Line - Not only will we see how great of a QB Peyton is, we will see who else on the team can step up. It's going to be a breakout year for someone if they are going to make the playoffs.

Nick Clason said...

Good post!

1)I hate Garrard, that would annoy me.
2)So will I!! I'm gonna show everyone finally that I'm not a fair weather fan!
3)I agree. 2008 when Manning missed training camp, remember who won the division? Tenn. Remember who their QB was? Collins. Plus Wayne is the best WR he's played with and Clark is the best TE he's ever played with.
4)I think if the line can gel together a little bit, we can see how good of a runner Addai truly is. I love him, but I also love Carter. Heck I even love Brown. The only Colt is could go without is Jacob Lacey.
5)I totally agree with you! I honestly believe that when its all said and done Manning shows that he has the best individual stats ever.

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Phil Strahm said...

While Manning is great, how much the Colts suffer this year will reflect in the lack of a quality backup. It's horrible logic to say you can tell how good a QB is by how bad the team is when he is injured.

If say, Philip Rivers was Manning's backup, then they'd hardly miss a beat.

If say, myself or Derry Prenkert became the Bills backup QB then they'd be horrendous and thus make the Bills QB look like the greatest ever because they suffered without him.

I think Colts fans can still find ways to enjoy the season.

derryprenkert said...

Geoff, we 100% agree! Wow.

Nick, any friend of Craig McLeod is a friend of mine.

Phil, your point is true about the quality of the season being a statement about he backup QB, however I would argue that Kerry Collins would have to be considered a top backup QB in the NFL (not sure you could guarantee there is a better). Ultimately, What I'm trying to say is that IF it's true that no one person in the NFL is more important to his team than Peyton Manning(a widely accepted statement among Sports analysts) + the Colts success for the past 13 years... that has to say something about the greatness of Mr. Manning.

BuzzF117 said...

I will be interesting how many sprained ankles we see because people jump off the Colts band wagon. I do think the Colts can still win the division since there is such disarray in it this year. Last year the Colts went 10-6 because players had to step up and stand in for players that got hurt now they need to do that again.